1,776 available
0.05 ETH per individual
0.03 ETH for community members


For the People NFT is a PeopleDAO side project designed by PeopleDAO Artists, headed by Daniel Sheldon. An NFT project that aims to capture the crazy events of the '21 and '22 bull market, it features select individuals and highlights their contributions to the web3 and nft space.

This project is a fundraiser for the DAO to continue on its mission to incubate and accelerate public and social goods. #FTP!

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1776 of 1776 available
0.05 ETH per NFT
0.03 ETH for community


Each FTP NFT is drawn by hand! All materials have been crafted by our artists, with emphasis on the little details.


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What are FTP NFTs?

For the People (FTP) NFT is a limited collection of NFT collectibles showcasing the prominent builders, personalities, and founders in the crypto space, who have made significant contributions in web3 and the world of public goods.

Head designed by artist Daniel Sheldon, these revered icons might be seen with laser eyes or donning the McDees hat in a variety of renditions!

What is this for?

Beyond the NFT collectibles and FUNdraising PeopleDAO, this project will feature a series of engaging infographics, threads, and educational social media posts to inspire the next generation of builders, especially those in the public goods community. Its success will further bolster and amplify PeopleDAO's commitment to continue to incubate social goods.

What will I get?

Right after minting, the collectible will be instantly accessible. You will be able to download them in GIF or PNG formats. Your address/ENS will be displayed in our websites as a Public Goods supporter! Your rights as a collector to craft and distribute derivatives follow CC0. Join our PeopleDAO discord and follow our Twitter to be updated!

As a community-led project, this is a chance for members both old and new, to be part of something significant that positively impacts the blockchain.

How were these individuals chosen?

The individuals featured were chosen based on their contributions and legacies within the space and their various communities. Note, however, that this collection is by no means exhaustive!

What's on the roadmap?

The next phase shall be the auctioning of the 3 main centerpieces of For the People, the paintings that contain ALL of the individuals. All collectors and art enthusiasts shall be welcomed.

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